Keystone Filtration

KEYSTONE FILTRATION - Filters, Cartridges, and Filter Housings are designed for industrial and residential filtration applications. The company is a major supplier to original equipment manufacturers, and provides innovative solutions through development of new filtration products for difficult industrial air and liquid applications and potable water applications. Keystone provides products to many high end customers including the United States Military and the Nuclear and Aircraft Industries.

  • Industrial Filters
  • Drinking Water Filters
  • Custom Pleating and Custom Cartridges

Filter Klear® AquaKey™ combines industry renowned Filter Klear® GIANT® sediment filtration with innovative UV Pure water purification to provide the ultimate in water safety

High capacity, high flow Filter Klear® GIANT® housings offer exclusive clear styrene bowls and "Made in USA" construction

Filter Klear® Micro filter cartridges provide superior filtration results in
a wide range of liquid applications

State-of-the-art polypropylene filters easily handle tough filtration needs
including potable and food grade liquid applications

Filter Klear® ReKlaim™ and ReKlaim 2™ Recycling Systems reduce waste and provide chemical and labor savings

Filter Klear® MarKey™ Stainless Steel Housings provide versatile and rugged construction

Nano-Key™Advanced Nanofiber Technology
Filter Klear™ Chemical Recycling System

Keystone Fountain Solution Cartridges

Custom Pleating & Cartridges - Engineered Designs for Liquid & Air