LECHLER-USA, Paul Lechler founded Lechler GmbH in 1879 as a specialty industrial supplier in Stuttgart, Germany. By the 1890's Lechler had acquired specialized nozzle technology and became a manufacturer.

In the 1970's, Lechler made its entry into the North American market when it formed a relationship with SPRACO, a long–established nozzle manufacturer in the United States. In 1987, SPRACO became LECHLER, INC. which serves North America and is the second largest sales and manufacturing company in the LECHLER Group of international companies. Today, LECHLER is still owned by the Lechler family and has these facilities worldwide serving the following Industries:

Chemical Industry
Chemical injection
Cleaning dewatering devices
Cleaning demister pads
Cleaning packing columns
Cleaning of reactors
Wet gas scrubber
Cleaning ethanol fermentation tanks
Pharmaceutical Industry
Cooling of adhesive/blister packs
Spraying of fluids with lances
Tablet coating
Tank cleaning
Food Industry
Cooling and heating
Package Drying
Tank Sanitizing, Washing
Beverage Industry
Bottle washing and sanitizing
Conveyor belt lubrication
Package drying
Tank sanitizing
Metallurgical Industry
Continuous casting
Roll Cooling
Ancillary Lines and Other Applications
Air Pollution Control
Power Plants
Cement and Lime Plants
Waste To Energy
Other Air Pollution Control Industries