Nelson Heat Tracing Systems


NELSON HEAT TRACING SYSTEMS developed the industry’s broadest line of Heat Tracing cables, controls, monitors and accessories to provide the correct solution for each application.

LIMITRACE Self-Regulating Cable
LT (Industrial) – Maintain to 150ºF
HLT (Industrial) – Maintain to 250ºF
CLT (Commercial) – Maintain to 150ºF
SLT – Roof and Gutter Deicer
120 or 240 VAC Power Acceptable
3 to 20 Watts / Foot Output
NELEX (MI) Mineral Insulated Heat Cable
All 825 Sheathing
3/16” & 5/16” Diameters
Maintain Temperature to 1100ºF
Built to application lengths by Factory
Extend pipe lengths with one cable
Quick-Trace Cables available from stock
.046 to 18.00 Ohms / Foot Cable Output
NELCON Constant Wattage Heater Cable
NC (Industrial) – Maintain to 300ºF
115/120/VAC, 208/220 VAC, 240/277 VAC
4 to 12 Watts / Foot
Constant Temperature Maintenance
Controls and Instrumentation   
Complete Line of Thermostats
All NEMA Ratings Available
Packaged Power, T, and Splice Kits 
CM-1, CM-2 and Custom Fabricated Systems   
CM-1 Complete Multiple Circuit Monitoring System
CM-2 Both Circuit Monitoring and Control
VH Tank Heating Panels
Renegade Computer Sizing Program