OSECO (Oklahoma Safety Equipment Company) is a recognized industry leader in the manufacture of Custom Engineered Rupture Disks and Components.

Standard and Custom Rupture Disks
FAS – Forward Acting Score Rupture Disk
STD – Standard, 30? Angular Rupture Disk
CO -Composite Rupture Disks
FLCO - Flat Low Pressure Rupture Disks
PCR – Precision Score, Reverse Buckling Rupture Disks
Complete Burst Disk Alarm Assemblies
Rupture Panels
Square, Rectangular, Round, Domed and Insulated
12”x12” through 44”x69” sizes
14” WC to 10 PSIG
Standard 316 SS or Teflon Coated
Graphite Rupture Disks
Resin impregnated electrographite material
Highly corrosion resistant
Sizes from 1” to 24”
Burst Pressures form 5 PSIG to 400 PSIG
Vapro and Posipro Rupture Disks
Both Positive and Vacuum Pressure Protection
From 1” WC to 30” WC Vacuum/Pressure Ranges
Sizes from 3” to 10”
Used in both Insert and Sanitary style holders
Transportation Disks
Railroad tank cars and shipping containers
CRC-Metallic and HPRC-Ryton Rupture Disks
Wide variety of standard pressure settings
Rupture Disk Holders and Specialty Products
Union and Bolted Holders
Insert and Threaded Holders
Sanitary, Extruded and OTU Assemblies